Corr Blimey Guvner! It’s been a while!

Ashema from Stonx Music here giving you an update as we attempt to traverse 2021!

We’re still under lockdown in the UK thanks to the old Covid Supreme but it’s been business as usual over at Stonx Music (soon to be Ear 4…

BACK IN THE DAY: The boys in Ashema’s 2019 Flat and Studio!

How the time flies by! (Or not if you’re in a Lockdown situation).

The boys have been so busy that there’s not been an article since August! Hopefully, however, if you’ve been checking our social channels and Youtube you can see that they’ve been pretty damn active!

Their Ableton Live…

LIVESTREAM all day today!

I’ve fled! (Ashema)

After the reapeated cycle of 16 hours days at my home office desk and the constant drain that the resy of the world is at the moment I’ve taken a chance to bugger awf on holiday like the English privlidged elite that…


Depsite the continous and severe fatigue from watching various social media experts things are still on the up and up.

The socials are still growing, Instagram is a harder beast I think than Facebook because I have to rely on my content which is me and I’m the kind of…

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the supplementary article for the Ableton cabinet Deepdive session.

Here is a list of my results.
If you do not have cabinet and you are trying to emulate the sound of a particular speaker and microphone combination, these images should help you create an EQ profile.

No Cabinet

The ball is rolling, just gotta make sure it doesn’t roll over us.

We’ve both been working every waking hour for as long as we can remember now. Thank god we have patient partners because this is obsessive levels of work ha

In addition life doesn’t stop does it, so…

This aint as easy as I thought.

Well instagram isn’t. I’ve tried a few advertising techniques but none of the pull they had on FB.

Will have to regroup and reorganise.

In the mean time we seem to be preparing for a second wave and ending lockdown totally at the…

We have adertisement ignition!

Biding my time and doing courses like the WILEY FOX I am, I have now finally released out first advertisement.

We basically ‘soft opened’ and built up a huge back catalogue and now its time to market.

The advert and targeted audiences seem to have a…

Good jaysus, we’re nearly done with the sodding audiobook.

This has been an exercise in mixing as I went along. The end result is good, not as perfect as I’d have wanted but up there.

I hope FB freaking verify us sooner rather that later, otherwise I might have to…

This is what happens when a company has full control. Trying to get anything done is ridiculously difficult with facebook and frankly it can eat my wastecake.

After a full day trying to verify our company I’ve now got to spend the evening sweating it over this Hungarian Audiobook!



|| STONX || There’s a rumble in your sonic jungle….. The combined efforts of ASHEMA (James Clarke) and SKOR UNKNOWN (Oliver Barron) in text.

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